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Cubivox is a online multipler 3D voxel sandbox game developed in C# and Unity. Cubivox allows users to create their own worlds and minigames through the use of a robust and dedicated modding API.


Cubivox is in active development, so this documentaiton may not be complete or up to date.

About Cubivox

Cubivox is divided into 3 core components:

  • Cubivox Client
  • Cubivox Server
  • Cubivox Core

These three components are what make up the game.

Cubivox Client

The Cubivox Client is responsible for the graphics and user input of the game. The Cubivox Client is developed in Unity.
The client supports two types of mods: Client Mods and General Mods.

Cubivox Server

The Cubivox Server is responsible for most of the gameplay logic and handling player networking.
Similarily to the client, it also supports two types of mods: Server Mods and General Mods.

Cubivox Core

The Cubivox Core contains the Core API used by both the Client and the Server. The Cubivox Core is what allows mods to support being on the Server and Client without any special modification.

The Cubivox Core is a git submodule that can be found in both the CubivoxServer and CubivoxClient repositories.